New linked in picWe are almost in March, where did January and February go?  I wonder how many readers managed to keep to their New Year Resolutions?  Mine were to lose ¾ of a stone  and complete Dry January (no alcohol).  Fortunately I managed both but this meant I couldn’t enjoy a pint of beer at the interval when I went to see The Forge Singers performing their hilarious version of Snow White at the WI Hall.  What a fabulous talent they are – I haven’t laughed that much in ages!

In a professional capacity, I worked as a Barristers’ Clerk in London for over 20 years which involved managing the casework of Barristers (specialist lawyers).  Traditionally the work of Barristers came via solicitors but the rules changed several years ago to allow Barristers to accept work directly from clients, i.e. from members of the public and businesses who need legal advice and/or court representation, instead of having to have a solicitor in the middle.  This is the reason I formed my own business, The Barrister Broker, nearly three years ago, to help people deal with their legal issues as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible by facilitating Barristers to help them.

The Benefits

1. Legal expertise – A Barrister has specialist knowledge in his or her legal field, i.e. divorce law, employment law, road traffic law, etc.  Going directly to a ‘specialist’ will save you time, money and hassle in the long term.

2. Cost – A Barrister will cost you less overall than a solicitor – a result of much lower operating costs, the effect of fixed fees and flexible working.

3. Fixed fees – knowing how much the cost will be BEFORE agreeing to have the work done is a really important factor that my clients love because it gives them peace of mind and no nasty surprise bills after the work has been done.

Choosing the ‘right’ lawyer for your needs is incredibly important.  People often go to a lawyer with NO prior knowledge of the quality of that person’s work assuming they will be in safe hands simply because that person is a lawyer. I have over 25 years in the legal industry so trust me when I say that that sort of assumption is incredibly risky. Lottery springs to mind!

Part of my value is that I remove the ‘guesswork’ to choosing the right lawyer for your needs.  I provide highly experienced Barristers from my panel – people who I regularly work with (sometimes over many years) who have proven track records and the necessary skills and experience to help you.

So if you are going through a divorce and fear you may not get your rightful share of the family assets or you’re seeking custody or contact with your children, DON’T ‘guess’ when it comes to using a lawyer – do yourself a big favour and speak to me.  My number is 01732 866 562.

Take a look at my website and feel free to follow me on twitter @BarristerBroker.

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by: Russell Burton-Lawrence, The Barrister Broker

Featured in: Issue 81 – March/April 2016