New linked in picWe’re now in October and Christmas isn’t too far away – my how this year has flown by!  I have attended plenty of local events since my last article, most notably the Fun Day at Stangrove Park and the hugely successful Edenbridge Motor Show last month.  What a great event that was with so many magnificent cars on display, a real party atmosphere and the sun was shining too – fantastic!  I hear that next year’s show is going to be even bigger!

But back to my day job as The Barrister Broker and how I help people significantly reduce their legal costs…

I regularly receive enquiries from people who either have or have had a solicitor acting for them but who have become disillusioned with the legal process because of a lack of progress, increasing legal costs or no end in sight. By this point they are becoming emotionally exhausted, frustrated with the legal profession and feeling at a loss as to how they can regain control of their situation and make the most of any additional legal spend. This is precisely where I can help so if this sounds like you or someone you know, make a note of my number at the bottom of this page and give me a call!

If you are contemplating using a legal advisor, beware of “free” consultation offers.  “Legal expertise” does not come free nor is it cheap so don’t be hoodwinked into thinking you are going to get expert legal advice for nothing or on the cheap! Many legal advisors still charge for their time by hourly rate (often after the “free” meeting!).  The obvious flaw with hourly rate billing is that the inexperienced and inefficient cost more because they undoubtedly take longer than the person who is experienced and works efficiently!

“Fixed Fee” services are slowly becoming more available throughout the legal profession although I would say this is predominantly down to consumer demand rather than anything else.  If you are offered a fixed fee service you need to know exactly what you are getting for your fixed fee.  Don’t be shy about asking questions of the legal advisor you are dealing with.  For example, is the legal advisor a qualified solicitor or legal executive?  Will the legal advisor do the work him or herself or will it be done by a trainee?   If your matter is likely to be contested, i.e. following the breakdown of a marriage/relationship you and your spouse/ex-partner can’t agree how the assets of the marriage/relationship will be split (who gets what), ask the legal advisor what experience they have in dealing with these types of disputes?  If your case is likely to go to court, will this person represent you in court?   If not, why not?  If they will, ask them what trial experience they have as an advocate?  You need to know who you are dealing with before you commit to putting your case and investing your money in this person’s hands.  Do not assume that just because a person is a qualified lawyer that makes them right for your case.  Do your due diligence and ask the right questions!

I help people avoid the cost of solicitors by providing them with an alternative way to deal with their legal issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible; by facilitating the direct services of Barristers – the legal experts.

I am based in Edenbridge and can be contacted on 01732 866 562.

by: Russell Burton-Lawrence, The Barrister Broker

Featured in: Issue 79 – November/December 2015