The sun has been shining as I wrote this article which means the warmer weather is upon us – thank goodness!

IMG_1845I am always being kept busy and entertained by the goings on in Edenbridge and seem to have spent quite a bit of time recently at hft – not just for their Spring Fair which was well attended, plus we managed to pick up a few bits for the home, but Laura also won a competition to have afternoon tea at the Oak Tree Bistro and that was certainly a memorable experience. We had more cake than we could shake a stick at, but luckily they gave us a doggie bag to take home what we couldn’t eat. If you haven’t been there before I highly recommend you try their cakes!

But back to the world of The Barrister Broker and how I can significantly reduce people’s legal costs…

For the benefit of readers not familiar with my feature, I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. I am a freelance Barristers’ Clerk and facilitator making life easier for people who need legal services by arranging for them to have direct access to barristers – the top tier lawyers in this country – INSTEAD of going to solicitors. The main benefits in going direct to a barrister are legal expertise – you get specialist advice from the outset, and you pay less – typical savings overall compared to solicitors is around 50%.

I have a particular passion in helping people involved in family law matters because this is an area that can be excessively expensive using solicitors, especially those who charge solely by the hour, and because I can empathise having been through a divorce myself when my children were very young. As clients of mine will know, I make a difference both in terms of the quality of legal advice and representation from the barristers that I arrange and the cost of that advice and representation. For the main part charges are on a “fixed fee” basis, meaning that you will know in advance what the cost will be BEFORE deciding whether to go ahead or not.

When divorcing couples think they are going to need the intervention of the courts to make orders over their finances or concerning the children, bear in mind NEW LEGISLATION which came into effect in April last year. This is the compulsory requirement that all people seeking to start family court proceedings about finances on divorce or children matters (note that exemptions do apply) must attend a family Mediation, Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) first. This means you now have to go through a process before being able to issue a court application, although the process itself is relatively straightforward. You can find more information on my website –

If you or anyone you know is going through a divorce or non-married relationship breakup and are in dispute over family assets; house, car, money, etc., or arrangements over the the children and feel you need legal advice in order to move matters forward, before you do anything speak to me to see how I might be able to help you.

For a local, compassionate and professional service, contact me in confidence on 01732 866 562.

Remember, speaking to me costs nothing but I could end up saving you thousands!

by: Russell Burton-Lawrence, The Barrister Broker

Featured in: Issue 76 – May/June 2015