New linked in picI’m always impressed by the amount that takes place in our town and I recently went along to The Eve Galley on Fircroft Way to view an exhibition by the Eden Valley Artists – a group of local artists and sculptors…  If you’ve not been to the gallery before it’s definitely worth a visit – the exhibitions change frequently so there’s always lots of different works to enjoy.

But back to the work of The Barrister Broker and how I help people significantly reduce their legal costs…

I regularly receive enquiries from people who either have or have had a solicitor acting for them but who have become fed up with the legal process because of a lack of progress, increasing costs or no end in sight.  By this point they are becoming emotionally exhausted and feeling at a loss as to how things are going to end.  They then start looking for alternative solutions – which is where I come in.

As an example, I was contacted by a member of the public going through a divorce who had been using a family law solicitor (not local) from the very beginning.  After two years there was no end in sight and court proceedings hadn’t been started yet the solicitor’s bill was in excess of £10,000.  Not surprising that the client was looking for an alternative legal solution.

If you are contemplating using a legal advisor, avoid being enticed by the initial ‘free consultation’ only to regret it later when that hourly rate starts to impact.  If you are offered a ‘fixed fee’ service, this will help you to budget but make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your fixed fee.  Also, ask questions of the person you are dealing with – is the legal advisor a qualified solicitor?  Sounds a silly question but it isn’t.  Will this person undertake the work his/herself or will it be done by someone else in the firm, a trainee for example?  What level of experience does the legal advisor have dealing with disputed matters?  Will they represent you in court?  If not, why not?  If they will, how much advocacy experience do they have (i.e. representing clients before a judge in a courtroom)? Don’t be afraid to ask questions, after all, you are putting your future and investing your money in this person’s hands!

If you are already involved in a case and have a court hearing coming up, whether an initial hearing or the final hearing itself, I cannot emphasise enough the need to be represented by an experienced advocate who can make all the difference to the outcome.  This is where Barristers excel because they are specially trained in the art of court-room advocacy.  They argue cases before judges, present legal arguments and are adept in cross-examination.   

Also, bear in mind that if you are using a solicitor who instructs a Barrister to represent you at court, you are essentially paying twice for two separate lawyers.

So, if you need legal advice or court representation, or if you already have a legal advisor but you would like to change and use a different lawyer, give me a ring on 01732 866 562 to discuss how I might be able to arrange a Barrister to represent you and ultimately save you money!

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Russ B-L Sig


Featured in: Issue 83 – July/August 2016